Overview of the Programme

For over fifteen years now, the Indian School of Business (ISB) has played a key role in grooming a generation of business leaders for India and the world. As an institution that evolved from the need for a world-class business school in Asia, the ISB has been steadfastly pursuing its Vision through its innovative programmes and thought leadership. In line with this Vision, ISB has created a new program that aims to expand the scope of influence senior business leaders and propel them to eminence. It aims to do so by unleashing their potential for executive eminence through structured education and coaching. Despite all your achievement and glory, if you believe that you still can do more, welcome aboard!


The programme will expose participants to the three major skills (Teacher, Mentor and Researcher) which we believe are critical to achieving eminence. There is a project that is required as a part of the certification the outcome of which will focus on achieving mastery in a specific track.

The programme builds on executive experience and expertise. It focuses on:

  • Enabling deep thinking and new learning
  • Evidence based decision making
  • Effective mentoring for success
  • Teachable point of view
  • Creating impact




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Using the well-known framework of the “teachable point of view” (Noel Tichy, 2002), we will discuss the cases of leaders who have used teaching as a successful route to influence and drive change. These sessions will also help you in understanding how to use appropriate, pedagogy and audience engagement strategies to express your current tacit knowledge for the benefit of your clients and colleagues.
Evolving and crafting a teachable point of view, teaching/co-teaching a class, co-authoring a case study, creating a MOOC offering.
Prof. Chandrasekhar Sripada


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Understanding growth stages of a start-up, identifying measures for impact the venture aims to create, balancing economic value and social impact. Choosing appropriate points of intervention, e.g. goals, mental models, values, reinforcement, identity and self-concept. Build excellence in mentoring through directive and non-directive coaching.
Mentor 2 start-ups selected by Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), identify impact areas.
Prof. Kavil Ramachandran and Prof. S. Ramnarayan


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The focus of this module is to use applied research in corporate decision making. This module will start with problem-framing to ensure you focus on the problems worth solving and that have strategic and transformational impact on your client’s company. This will be followed by identifying forward looking metrics that matter and have strong predictive power. As you will appreciate, in the new world of big data, organizations have to leverage information for market informed decisions. Last, you will be introduced to options thinking which requires flexibility and agility from organizations to react to uncertainties and dynamic market environment.
Conference presentation, Whitepaper
Prof Rajendra Srivastava and Prof John Robert

What will an Executive Learn

Pre Programme

  • Define and communicate programme objectives and learning outcomes
  • Share participant profiles and broad career context
  • Get buy-in from managers of participants for ongoing learning support, active review and in person participation during the graduation

During Programme

  • Clear agreement on the project scope and timeline for each participant
  • Organizational support to the participants for project completion

Post Programme

  • Measurement of outcomes
  • Managers of participants/Business leaders reporting impact
  • Nominated for Advisory Board position
  • Designing and teaching a new course in an esteemed academic institution
  • IP creation/ Paper presentation
  • Keynote address at a conference
  • Excellence Award/Industry Recognition
  • Feedback to faculty, participants and managers


  • Access to 2 academic industry conferences and workshops hosted by various Research Centres at ISB.
  • Inclusion in the ISB Guest Speaker Circle.
  • Interactions with ISB Distinguished Faculty & Case Development Process.
  • Empanelment as a start-up mentor with ISB CIE.
  • Access to ISB’s Learning Resource Centre (LRC).

Faculty for the Programme

  • Professor Kavil Ramachandran

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  • Professor Rajendra Srivastava

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  • Professor S. Ramnarayan

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  • Professor Chandrasekhar Sripada

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  • John Roberts

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Programme Schedule

The ISB Executive Eminence Programme is a 6 days on-campus programme followed by 3 sessions of individualized online mentoring.

  • Date
  • Track
  • Faculty
  • April 25
  • Eminence Program
  • Kick-off session with Chandrashekhar Sripada
  • April 25-26
  • Leader as Applied Researcher
  • Rajendra Srivastava/John Roberts
  • May 16-17
  • Leader as Mentor
  • Ram Nidumolu/S. Ramnarayan
  • June 27-28
  • Leader as Teacher
  • Philip C Zerrillo/Chandrashekhar Sripada
  • June - Oct
  • Eminence Programme Project Identification and Progress
  • Participants
  • Nov
  • Project Presentation and Graduation
  • Networking Dinner with RC/I Heads and ISB Faculty

What people say

Nikita Tete

Managing Director


This program provided me with valuable insight as to how to be a better leader and techniques on how to deliver this to my team. As a leader, it is important to be able to connect with the professionals on our team. I look forward to sharing with my team the knowledge that I have accumulated over my long career and help them develop into leaders of the future.

Michael Gaines, Managing Director, Deloitte

Teacher track, ISB Executive Eminence Programme

I learned a very fresh perspective on many topics through this programme. It also enhanced/ polished my natural qualities in the stream I have chosen which is as a researcher. The role of peers in this group was very interesting and interactive which made the programme all the more enjoyable.

Minal Deshpande, Managing Director, Deloitte

Applied Research track, ISB Executive Eminence Programme

April 25th, 2019 | $12,000 | ISB, Hyderabad CampusThe fee includes accommodation and food on class days
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About Centre for Learning and Management Practice at ISB

The Centre for Learning and Management Practice (CLMP) is focused on facilitating teaching excellence in the classroom, enabling innovative pedagogies for effective learning, facilitating engagement and interaction with the corporate world, assisting in the measurement of learning, and supporting the writing of business cases.


Promote and facilitate teaching excellence at the ISB by offering mentoring, training, and resource support. We also help enhance the quality of teaching in other institutions by offering seminars and workshops.


Enable effective learning at the ISB by encouraging innovative teaching approaches, and assist in the measurement of the impact of learning. More specifically, we focus on innovative technologies that help teachers better engage students in pre-class and in-class settings. We also assist in measuring the learning goals of ISB’s programmes, and conduct research in the "transfer of learning" from short-term executive training programmes to the workplace.

Case Development

Support the writing of India-specific (and emerging market based) business cases among ISB faculty as well as faculty of other b-schools, enable the dissemination of these cases to the global classroom, and provide training for case teaching among business faculty in India.

Management Practice

Engage with managers and executives to bring the corporate perspective to ISB’s programmes, and facilitate the flow of fresh research ideas from the corporate world to ISB’s faculty. This is done through various initiatives such as the Executive in Residence Programme, Corporate Immersion Programme for Faculty, and the programme for Corporate Research Collaboration.

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